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25th September, 2006. 1:40 pm. Toontown Gardening Combos...(nectarfizz)

I just received my first level leap and can now do 2 jellybeans. I have figured out the following combos to make 5 more flower varieties:

As you know the single Jellybeans make the following flowers;

Pink-What in Carnation
Yellow-School Daisy
Cyan-Lily of the Alley
Orange-Dandy Pansy

I just recived the ability to do two jellybeans..once you get that you can make these varieties:

Yellow+Pink=Instant Carnation
Cyan+Green=Lily Pad
Green+Orange=Daffy Dill
Red+Yellow=Lazy Daisy.

This should get you up to 10 and you get your laff-boost and statue.

And speaking of statues you can now buy the Statue of Donald..it is 2 Green Jellybeans to grow him. Which you must buy in the Cattlelog.

Hope this helps.

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13th July, 2006. 2:56 pm.(creatrixx)

My virus checker program found a Trojan Horse virus on my computer. The name of the file?


nooooo, the Von Loopengrooven Duck Clan would never hurt my computer!

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9th September, 2005. 11:59 am. Hellooooo?(threadhead)

Anyone still here? I've recently rediscovered Toon Town after watching my son play. :) I am currently playing Mouses Robinson who is a 45 laff toon (altho I still have Marmalade Mallard who is 100+). She is presently stuck in Daisy Gardens with 2 tasks...get a key from the Minglers (for teleport access to DG) and defeat a factory in sellbot HQ (for the ability to carry 80 jbs). Anyone around want to share secrets?

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8th September, 2004. 9:11 pm. Hello(toongamer)

I'm new to this live journal thing. My name is Mark. I play toontown almost all the time when my daughter is in bed.  I'm really interested in getting a Secret Friend on Toontown so we can divide and conquer Toontown.  We can talk back and forth on Toontown so we can help each other with our Toontasks.  My level right now is with 62 laff points, 6th gag track training which is in the Brrr.  I tend to go for Toontasks which take me into Sellbot HQ alot.  I do like going into Donalds Dreamland and going for the 5 story buildings to build up my arsenal of gags and laff points.  I do go fishing from time to time when I get bored with the cogs.  My toons name is Sheriff Furball Bumberbrains.  nakedwoman is my wife and her toons name is Aunt Dimity Fuzzleface.  We are always interested in getting more friends through Secret Friends.  We prefer females to be Secret Friends with so if interested post to my live journal - toongamer.

Have a good night

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26th August, 2004. 4:26 pm. Found this in the Site guide..(nakedwoman)

Thought it might come in handy if anyone hasdn't seen it yet.

Current mood: creative.

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25th August, 2004. 8:34 pm. Toontown update... for those who care to know(nakedwoman)

My current stats are :

Laff level 46
5th gag track
Carry 35 gags
Carry 80 Jellybeans
working on getting my 3rd toontask carry
and my Daisy Teleport access.

My thow is at 1369/2000 until I get my 5th gag
My Squirt is at 776/2000 until I get my 5th gag
My Lure is at 48/100 until I get my 3rd gag
My Toon-up is at 76/200 until I get my 3rd gag

I am so far pretty pleased with my performance. My Toon name is:
Aunt Dimity Fuzzleface.
If you are on toontown and want a chat code let me know.

Current mood: creative.

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16th June, 2004. 12:24 pm.(buffalogal)

Well, I've finally made it to Sellbot HQ. I had been avoiding it for as long as I could. I wanted to make sure I had my gags up and my laff points up. I LOVE it! I want to sneak on right now and play, but my son will want to take over and it would be bad for the other people.

Oh well, bed time is in 8 hours. I can hold out that long...I think.

Current mood: dorky.

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12th April, 2004. 4:15 pm.(creatrixx)

Toontown all the way in Penny Arcade

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7th March, 2004. 10:44 am. secrets and secret chat(acidpixie)

How about.. if we post secrets for people, by meeting at toontown central at certain times, eh? god knows Im addicted.... and speedchat just doesnt cut it!

Current mood: distressed.

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8th January, 2004. 1:22 pm. cog headquarters rant(noonle)

Arg. I am having the worst luck with the HQ.

I must admit that I've only tried it 3 times, but all 3 times it was discouraging.

First, I decided to try it out, just because I didn't know what it was or anything. My own fault. I was in there with 1 other toon, and of course we both died right away. Not too bad. Again, it was my fault.

Second, I was surrounded by the most favorable toons (between 90 to 100 laff points), and right in the beginning, my computer crashes, after about 1 round. I don't lose gags, but I do lose those cog suit pieces. So that really sucked.

And this last time, we were so close to beating him, and then I jumped too soon, and BAM, I died. Arg. I am getting so discouraged with that darn HQ.

So, yeah. Just felt like complaining. :)

Current mood: distressed.

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